Urban Style On Kitchen Using Chalkboard Backsplash


There are some ideas for decorating a kitchen backsplash and make it look pretty, fun, and inexpensive. One of them is a chalkboard, either real chalkboard or chalkboard paint. Kids was very happy with doodles, we can facilitate with chalkboard backsplash. Do you like the typography? With the chalkboard, you can decorate your kitchen with quotes, menu list, and more. Chalkboard typography and kids graffiti can produce the impression of urban and vintage accents in the kitchen.

In addition to real chalkboard, we can use chalkboard paint to make your kitchen backsplash or wall like a chalkboard. The advantages of chalkboard paint is easy to use, affordable price, easy to clean, erasable, and the most important is to have fun with writing or pictures. We can replace it with other quotes at any time, make a list of diet menu every week, even making notes any recipe can be done. If done it with style, whatever you write on the chalkboard backsplash it can be pretty decor.

urban style on kitchen using chalkboard backsplash - behind range chalkboard backsplash as kitchen focal point | kitchen at hometren

Behind Range Chalkboard Backsplash As Kitchen Focal Point

Chalkboard paint is renter friendly. Sometimes, when renting the house we find the kitchen condition were dirty, and we need to redecorate. Backsplash area, countertop, and around the stove area is part of the kitchen most often dirty, quite difficult to clean because greasy. With this issue, what do you think of chalkboard paint?

urban style on kitchen using chalkboard backsplash - brick backsplash with chalkboard focal point above range | kitchen at hometren

Brick Backsplash With Chalkboard Focal Point Above Range

urban style on kitchen using chalkboard backsplash - chalkboard paint backsplash behind range | kitchen at hometren

Chalkboard Paint Backsplash Behind Range

urban style on kitchen using chalkboard backsplash - chalkboard paint kitchen backsplash with white cabinet | kitchen at hometren

Chalkboard Paint Kitchen Backsplash With White Cabinet

urban style on kitchen using chalkboard backsplash - chalkboards backsplash for small kitchen ideas | kitchen at hometren

Chalkboards Backsplash For Small Kitchen Ideas

urban style on kitchen using chalkboard backsplash - original chalkboard backsplash for behind kitchen cabinet area ideas | kitchen at hometren

Original Chalkboard Backsplash For Behind Kitchen Cabinet Area Ideas

urban style on kitchen using chalkboard backsplash - under cabinet chalkboard backsplash with granite countertop | kitchen at hometren

Under Cabinet Chalkboard Backsplash With Granite Countertop

Not just black or gray shades, chalkboard paint is also available with more color options. We can adjust color accents of chalkboard backsplash with the main theme kitchen decor, very flexible.

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