Ornamental Bathroom Entrance Using Sliding Barn Door


Barn door may be associated with rural and farm house. When connected to home interior, barn door brings rustic, country or rural style accents by default. In the modern era, barn door is often used to incorporate natural elements of wood or metal into design.

ornamental bathroom entrance using sliding barn door - country style look white bathroom silding barn door | bathroom at hometren

Country Style Look White Bathroom Silding Barn Door

While the sliding door is a type of door that is opened horizontally. Usually the door is equipped with a track, so that the door can be rolled well. The use of sliding door was found in first century in roman houses, and is growing up to now. The main reasons for using sliding doors are versatile, save space, and can be used as an architectural interest. The best reason is save space, if the hinged door has a swing area, then the sliding door does not require much extra space. In addition, sliding doors look more tidy, and have many advantages that can be exploited for the sake of decoration.

For bathroom decoration, the sliding barn door is perfect to giving architectural statement at bathroom entrance area. It is more perfect for master bathroom, which usually has a wider entrance dimension. Sliding barn door in the bathroom can be used as a unique decoration statement and as a decorative divider with another room.

ornamental bathroom entrance using sliding barn door - custom sliding barn door with unfinished lumber | bathroom at hometren

Custom Sliding Barn Door With Unfinished Lumber

ornamental bathroom entrance using sliding barn door - modern sliding barn door for bathroom with grayish brown finish | bathroom at hometren

Modern Sliding Barn Door For Bathroom With Grayish Brown Finish

ornamental bathroom entrance using sliding barn door - reclaimed wood barn door for bathroom | bathroom at hometren

Reclaimed Wood Barn Door For Bathroom

ornamental bathroom entrance using sliding barn door - rustic look double sliding barn door using refinishing wood | bathroom at hometren

Rustic Look Double Sliding Barn Door Using Refinishing Wood

ornamental bathroom entrance using sliding barn door - simple design sliding barn door with vertically arranged plank | bathroom at hometren

Simple Design Sliding Barn Door With Vertically Arranged Plank

ornamental bathroom entrance using sliding barn door - sliding barn door with chevron patterned panel | bathroom at hometren

Sliding Barn Door With Chevron Patterned Panel

ornamental bathroom entrance using sliding barn door - white slide barn door for bathroom with country style look | bathroom at hometren

White Slide Barn Door For Bathroom With Country Style Look

If used as an accent, sliding barn door needs to appear by using colors that tend to contrast with the surrounding colors. Highlighting the wood texture and bold impression, barn door as a focal point can give a warm feel inside the room.

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