Mirror Backsplash For Glitzy Kitchen Interior


Mirrors have been used for home decoration stuff around the 1980s. Whether it is used as a mirror-shaped wall decor or as glass substitute on the cabinet door insert. In the present, mirror comeback with a stronger character as a kitchen backsplash. With a variety of styles and relatively easy to maintenance, the mirror is able to make your kitchen keep stylish. Mirrors can be exploited to reinforce kitchen themes, from antique and traditional styles to minimalist or contemporary styles.

In a confined space, a mirror can produce a wider impression. By reflecting color and light in the kitchen, the mirror gives the impression of luxury without being over the top. The interior designers take mirrors to answer the challenge of multiplying the light of the place where the chef works, and keeps it engaged with guests or family while preparing food.

mirror backsplash for glitzy kitchen interior - contemporary kitchen with subway glass tiles mirror backsplash | kitchen at hometren

Contemporary Kitchen With Subway Glass Tiles Mirror Backsplash

If your kitchen does not have enough windows, then a mirrored backsplash becomes a solution to double the light from the lamp. Thus you can also save energy. The mirror will reflect something in front of it, always keeping the cleanliness and tidiness are necessary. Like the backsplash material with other smooth surfaces, the mirrors are easy to clean. With a special liquid, stains and spots can be lost.

Although relatively strong and durable, you can not use a mirror for backsplash behind the range. Because of the high temperature produced by fire, it can lead to expansion and contraction of the mirror. Over long period, it can lead to cracks. Although easy to clean, the mirror needs to be polished regularly, because the spots and marks are easily visible.

mirror backsplash for glitzy kitchen interior - cottage kitchen with framed mirror and ceramic tiles backsplash | kitchen at hometren

Cottage Kitchen With Framed Mirror And Ceramic Tiles Backsplash

mirror backsplash for glitzy kitchen interior - flat minimalist kitchen with mirror under cabinet backsplash | kitchen at hometren

Flat Minimalist Kitchen With Mirror Under Cabinet Backsplash

mirror backsplash for glitzy kitchen interior - mossaic mirror tiles backsplash in white kitchen | kitchen at hometren

Mossaic Mirror Tiles Backsplash In White Kitchen

mirror backsplash for glitzy kitchen interior - smoked glass mirror in modern kitchen ideas | kitchen at hometren

Smoked Glass Mirror In Modern Kitchen Ideas

mirror backsplash for glitzy kitchen interior - transitional kitchen with glass tiles mirrored backsplash and mirror inserted cabinet door | kitchen at hometren

Transitional Kitchen With Glass Tiles Mirrored Backsplash And Mirror Inserted Cabinet Door

mirror backsplash for glitzy kitchen interior - transitional kitchen with mirror backsplash | kitchen at hometren

Transitional Kitchen With Mirror Backsplash

mirror backsplash for glitzy kitchen interior - white modern kitchen with mosaic backsplash behind sink | kitchen at hometren

White Modern Kitchen With Mosaic Backsplash Behind Sink

Mirror prices are relatively expensive if compared to porcelain or ceramic tiles. But with mirror backsplash you can double the visual and lighting accents of your beautiful kitchen. And will not be bored like a regular tile, because the mirror reflects anything is in front of it.

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