Living Room And Kitchen Combo With Open Concept


Open concept allows us to keep interact with other family members, although each is doing different activities in the house. The removal of barriers that stand from floor to ceiling to make the room more airy and spacious. Partitions are used only by visual, which means the separation of each area visually.

Inside the house, open concept usually eliminate the dividing wall between the living room or family room, dining room, and kitchen. Grouping of furniture each individual space becomes a differentiator function. In addition to the grouping of furniture, interior designers usually add a visual barrier to create statement that each area has their respective functions. Because of open floor plan is concept to eliminate the barrier on each individual space, it is necessary to design some visual connection, that each area has a flow and interconnected circulation.

living room and kitchen combo with open concept - gray white and brown color scheme living room kitchen open concept idea | interior at hometren

Gray White And Brown Color Scheme Living Room Kitchen Open Concept Idea

In the open floor plan of living room, kitchen, and dining room, allowing us to design based on uniformity to produce togetherness impression. Color and type of furniture will allow us to provide a visual connection of each area. For example, using the white color on the sofa, counter stools and dining chairs. As for the other furniture using different shades as the color combinations or as accent. Using certain materials such as metal or wood in the furniture as a visual connection is a brilliant idea. For example, choose a seat with leg design using the same material.

Using much different colors and furniture types will make it difficult for us to create a unifying visual connection in each area. And if you only use monochromatic colors it will look boring. And now, it is time for you to be inspired by a picture that we chose.

living room and kitchen combo with open concept - apartment open plan small kitchen nex to living room | interior at hometren

Apartment Open Plan Small Kitchen Nex To Living Room

living room and kitchen combo with open concept - gray kitchen next to living room open plan interior idea | interior at hometren

Gray Kitchen Next To Living Room Open Plan Interior Idea

living room and kitchen combo with open concept - modern open layout living room and white kitchen | interior at hometren

Modern Open Layout Living Room And White Kitchen

living room and kitchen combo with open concept - open concept modern living room kitchen and dining space | interior at hometren

Open Concept Modern Living Room Kitchen And Dining Space

living room and kitchen combo with open concept - open plan living room kitchen dining room in contemporary style interior | interior at hometren

Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Dining Room In Contemporary Style Interior

living room and kitchen combo with open concept - open plan small livng room kitchen for apartment interior idea | interior at hometren

Open Plan Small Livng Room Kitchen For Apartment Interior Idea

living room and kitchen combo with open concept - white transition kitchen and living room open concept interior | interior at hometren

White Transition Kitchen And Living Room Open Concept Interior

living room and kitchen combo with open concept - yellow and wood interior theme open concept for small home | interior at hometren

Yellow And Wood Interior Theme Open Concept For Small Home

Open floor plan is a concept that is breaking down barriers and replace it with a visual divider. On the other hand, visual connections necessary for the impression of unity in circulation that are interconnected. Next inspiring topic is below.

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