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furniture : wine cabinet for wine storage option at home - iron and wood rustic server table for wine corner idea | at hometren

A wine enthusiast must have plans to store some wine for the future, such as entertain special friends or colleagues at home. A wine storage rack is needed to lay the wine bottles. For storage...


Mirror Backsplash For Glitzy Kitchen Interior

Mirrors have been used for home decoration stuff around the 1980s. Whether it is used as a mirror-shaped wall decor or as glass substitute on the cabinet door insert. In the present, mirror comeback with...

Reading Nook, Fighting With Digital Distractions

Read a good book while enjoying a cup of coffee and cookies for most people are fun "me time". The fact that we are in the digital era, where the quick stream of information so...

Material Choices For Kitchen Countertops - Pros And Cons

Choosing a countertop material may be a bit tricky if the parameters you consider for countertop are numerous. Do you consider solidity and durability? Or, do you need to adjust the countertop to the kitchen...

Interior Zoning Using Room Dividers And Light Partition Walls

The walls of bricks or stones are not the only way to make zoning in the interior design of the house. light partition walls, room dividers, or curtain ideas are creative ways to beautify and...

Kitchen Corner Cabinet And Storage Solutions

Corner kitchen cabinet is a technical tricky part of the kitchen design. Lack of planning will result in the corner cabinet not being used maximally, because it will be difficult to reach. In general, room...