Beadboard Backsplash For Classy Kitchen Ideas


To get nuance of Victorian-style or farmhouse in the kitchen, then beadboard is a rational choice. Inexpensive and relatively easy installation, you will be faster to reach there. The use beadboard in the interior of the house usually to coat the bottom wall, and the vintage feel generated would be too strong. In the kitchen, beadboard backsplash can be installed as an alternative to tiles. And you still get the cottage or farmhouse accent.

Beadboard is available in two types, handcrafted and manufactured beadboard. Like anything else, you need to spend more for handcrafted stuff. Handcrafted beadboard have quality, in addition you can order custom. If you want to save money, manufactured beadboard panel is a logical choice.

beadboard backsplash for classy kitchen ideas - beadboard backsplash in white kitchen theme with lighting under cabinet | kitchen at hometren

Beadboard Backsplash In White Kitchen Theme With Lighting Under Cabinet

Before you choose beadboard, there are some considerations that you should know. Beadboard word consists of "board" is a planks of wood that will be arranged vertically, and "bead" is a small arch between the boards. For the vast space should choose a narrow board width, the size of a narrow board will give busy impression. As for the narrow space, wider board will make a calm impression. However, if it is only used for backsplash areas, the above rule is not really necessary. Because the backsplash area is relatively narrow compared to the overall kitchen wall.

Bead a.k.a indentation. Beadboard manufactured typically have more shallow grooves. While genuine beadboard typically have deeper grooves. This is to avoid a fake version of the panel. Note, deeper grooves would make it more difficult to be cleaned. While the backsplash is easily soiled area.

beadboard backsplash for classy kitchen ideas - chevron beadboard panel backsplash in transitional kitchen | kitchen at hometren

Chevron Beadboard Panel Backsplash In Transitional Kitchen

beadboard backsplash for classy kitchen ideas - graceful country style kitchen with beadboard splash | kitchen at hometren

Graceful Country Style Kitchen With Beadboard Splash

beadboard backsplash for classy kitchen ideas - gray finish beadboard backsplash among shaker white kitchen cabinet | kitchen at hometren

Gray Finish Beadboard Backsplash Among Shaker White Kitchen Cabinet

beadboard backsplash for classy kitchen ideas - large white shaker kitchen ideas with beadboard splash | kitchen at hometren

Large White Shaker Kitchen Ideas With Beadboard Splash

beadboard backsplash for classy kitchen ideas - transitional white kitchen with beadboard backsplash | kitchen at hometren

Transitional White Kitchen With Beadboard Backsplash

Because beadboard is made of wood and can be burned, not recommended mounted behind the range. In some countries and states, the installation of wood material around the range or stove is not recommended.

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