Affordable Kitchen Backsplash Using Concrete


A thousand ways to use concrete for home interior design. Concrete materials have a relationship with urban, industrial, rustic or contemporary interior style. Concrete into a part of interior decor and being popular four decades ago. Concrete continues to grow and remains popular with a variety of combinations in recent years. In the kitchen, backsplash concrete offer something extraordinary, versatile, practical, and gives a different feel.

Concrete has good grades, absorb light, durable, high performance, easy maintenance, and the prices are quite affordable. If used for the backsplash, these values ​​will give you an advantage. Exposed concrete as a backsplash provide attractive texture and unique shades. Regarding the colors, you can make have a shiny surface, or paint it according to the needs of interior decoration

affordable kitchen backsplash using concrete - concrete block expose as kitchen backsplash ideas | kitchen at hometren

Concrete Block Expose As Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

As a backsplash, concrete included in carefree material group, so it is easy to maintain. Other concrete advantages is that you have the freedom to determine the size, if you need concrete in panels or tiles form. In addition it is endless edge details. You can ask the contractor to create a custom form using molding edge. So, it's very versatile, isn't it?

But, there is one disadvantage of concrete you need to know. Because concrete is porous, it is possible to stained and scratched. The backsplash duty is lighter than countertop, and the possibility of stain and scratch very minimal. However, if you need extra handling to avoid stain and scratch, it is necessary to apply concrete surface sealer. So that concrete is more water resistant or stain resistant.

affordable kitchen backsplash using concrete - concrete block exposed with geometric printed tiles backsplash ideas | kitchen at hometren

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affordable kitchen backsplash using concrete - concrete look backsplash tiles with black finish | kitchen at hometren

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For interior decoration requirement, concrete backsplash quite versatile when it is combined with other materials. Concrete is able to cooperate with metal shades, wood pattern, combined with granite tiles, natural stone, brick, and many more. Exposed concrete will provide something different in your kitchen. And rest assured, your friends will be green-eyed of your decor.

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